The Frequently Asked Questions About Ultherapy Skin Tightening In Chevy Chase, MD

In Maryland, patients who want to improve their appearance review cosmetic treatments. If they aren’t ready for major surgery, they research procedures that are non-invasive. These procedures don’t present any downtime or increased risk. The following are frequently asked questions about Ultherapy Skin Tightening in Chevy Chase MD.

What is This Procedure Exactly?

This is a procedure in which ultrasound is used to create the lift and tightening of the skin. It is a non-invasive alternative to facelifts and brow lifts. They are used primarily to treat the chin, neck, and eyebrows. They can create smooth lines and wrinkles throughout the face and neck.

How is the Procedure Different?

The doctor uses an ultrasound machine to evaluate the layers of skin while performing the procedure. This allows them to ensure that treatment reaches the affected layers of skin and achieve the ultimate goal of tightening the skin. It provides the most benefits when it is performed in conjunction with the decolletage treatment.

Does the Procedure Generate the Same Effects as a Face Lift?

No, it doesn’t create the exact same effects as a face lift. The procedure does, however, increase the effects of other cosmetic treatments to correct sagging skin. It is beneficial for patients who want a non-invasive treatment that tightens their skin.

What is the Main Purpose of Acquiring the Treatment?

The ultrasound treatment stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin tightened and prevented sagging. As patients age, these production levels are depleted. This is why the skin begins to sag and could lead to premature aging for some patients. Individuals who smoke could suffer these effects as smoking is known to cause premature sagging of the skin.

How Does the Treatment Increase Collagen Levels?

The delivery of ultrasound energy restarts neocollagenesis. This process causes the production of new collagen. This leads to more youthful skin. The procedure doesn’t require additional treatments involving creams or other products.

In Maryland, patients review cosmetic treatments to improve their appearance. The ultherapy treatment is beneficial in tightening skin and increasing collagen production. Patients who want to try Ultherapy Skin Tightening in Chevy Chase MD contact Tamjidi Skin Institute today or follow us on Twitter.

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