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The Good Solution for a Chlorine Free Pool System

The Good Solution for a Chlorine Free Pool System

For too long, people thought that chlorine was the only chemical needed to clean pools. Nowadays, people are hearing about new ways to clean pools and hot tubs. The fact is that not everyone can tolerate chlorine. Many people suffer from allergic reactions to strong substances, so they can barely touch chlorine. When you swim in this chemical, even as a very strong, healthy person, you develop red eyes, dry hair, brittle nails, odorous skin and bleached bathing suits. That is why chlorine free solutions are developed. As a pool owner, familiarize yourself with all of the ingredients that make up a good chlorine free pool system.

Benefits of an Ionization System

Since ancient times, people have used copper for sanitation purposes. Pioneers placed silver and copper coins in their water to disinfect it. Astronauts made use of ionization to clean drinking water. For thousands of years, the silver and copper ionization process has protected countless people from illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses.

Pool owners use this ionization process to release electrically charged ions into the water. In no time, the pool water becomes clean enough to drink. When you use this simple process, avoid buying a slew of other confusing cleaning products, such as clarifiers, floaters and antimicrobials.

With the use of silver and copper, do not worry about water hardness levels. Use copper to reduce the buildup and scaling of calcium on your pool walls. Also, do not worry about having to “shock” the pool by increasing the chlorination levels. The effectiveness of ionization is not influenced by sunlight or temperature changes.

Dangerous Effects of Chlorine

Chlorine is intense bleach similar to the one you pour into washing machines. You cannot ingest or smell it without experiencing some sort of irritation. If you would not pour this chemical onto your skin because it is so strong, maybe you should not swim in it all day.

Chlorine is known to be dangerous to a person’s health. Medical studies have shown links to cancer along with various physical ailments, such as brittle hair, dry skin, and reddened eyes. Cancer only affects people who have been exposed to large amounts of this chemical for long periods of time. Some cities chlorinate their water supply systems but adding too much chlorine could be deadly. The evidence shows that chlorine is not the friendliest chemical to have around.

It is well known that chlorine is a dangerous product to put on laundry, in drinking water and in pools. You may think it is harmless until you start seeing the effects on your body and clothes. Even though chlorine is still a popular cleaning chemical for pools, it is not the only one sold in stores. Choose a safer and even better alternative way by investing in a chlorine free pool system.

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