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The Growing Problem of Nursing Home Neglect

One of the fastest growing segments of America’s population is those over 65. People are living longer with today’s medical advances, but many of them still need specialized care in nursing homes. Unfortunately, another trend is that of elder abuse and neglect. The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that for every case of elder abuse brought to the attention of the authorities, another 13 goes unnoticed. If you suspect your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect, it’s important to discuss your case with an attorney.

The Problem in Institutional Facilities

Elder abuse and neglect is a problem whether the individual is cared for in the home or a facility. With more seniors entering long term care facilities, the problem is compounded. Even though nursing homes have strict policies for employment, vulnerable adults who can’t stand up for themselves often get overlooked. A senior with dementia who can’t complain that they are experiencing pain may simply be ignored. It’s probably not intentional, but a lack of appropriate staff who can effectively care for everyone in their facility. However, that does not mean a lack of liability. It’s probably that your loved one is not the only one experiencing nursing home neglect in the same institution.

What Is Neglect?

Although there are many legal definitions of neglect, it essentially boils down to a lack of reasonable care. This could be as simple as isolating someone in their room and failing to provide socialization or interaction with others. It could be not maintaining personal hygiene, such as routine bathing or changing linens on the bed. Even worse, it could be that the nursing home does not treat bed sores or mishandles patients with cognitive disorders. Your attorney should assess your situation for nursing home neglect.

Get Your Issue Resolved

The first step in nursing home neglect is to talk with the facility administrator. Document everything. If the situation isn’t resolved, you should speak to an attorney to help you make a statement. Your attorney can also make a claim for economic damages if your family has needed to address medical issues caused by the neglect. Don’t let the facility get away with neglect. Even though the problem is happening everywhere, make them take responsibility so that it doesn’t keep happening.

Senior citizens, no matter what their health concerns are, deserve to be treated adequately without worrying about nursing home neglect. Discuss the nursing home neglect case of your loved one with The Law Offices of Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates, LLC. You can also like them on Facebook.

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