The Importance of Hiring Legal Services in Greenfield MA After an Accident

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Law Services

Considering the many physical and recuperative challenges that victims of car accidents face, it can be hard for them to go to court to fight for their compensation. With the constant pain and suffering that can accompany serious body injuries, it should come as no surprise that recovering car accident victims may prefer to mend rather file an injury case. A proficient lawyer at the law offices of Daniel and Fontaine LLC understands the trepidation that automobile accident victims may go through and is dedicated to helping them fight for their rights. By hiring professional Legal Services Greenfield MA, persons injured in an automobile accident can be sure that they will receive the rightful compensation.

During the early stages of an accident case, the lawyer will examine the details of the case to establish the fault of the opposite party. It is important that the claimant give the lawyer all the relevant details of the accident. These details should include any information collected at the scene of the accident, such date and time of the accident, location of the crash, names and driver’s license numbers, names and contact of witnesses, among other important details. The lawyer will use this information to plan for the case properly.

Since most car accident cases involve claims for damages, such as medical and hospitalization costs, the plaintiff should give their lawyer a good medical report. The medical report should provide details on the nature and extent of the injuries. Other key documents that can help a lawyer determine the amount of compensation the injured person should receive include physician’s report, hospital statements and medical bills, billing receipts for continuing physical therapies and medical treatments, copies of any related correspondences between the plaintiff and the opposite party, a tally of work days and income lost because of the crash. The lawyer will use the available information to create a claim that will be the basis for the case. They will guide the claimant smoothly through the entire legal proceedings and claim process.

There other many benefits of hiring Legal Services Greenfield MA provided by a qualified accident lawyer, such as excellent court representations and negotiating with the opposite party. For additional information about the services provided by a knowledgeable accident attorney, and how to contact them, please visit or their Twitter page.

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