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The Importance of Power Generators in Cape Girardeau, MO

Inclement weather is becoming more unpredictable, large electric companies are getting hacked, the incidence of natural disasters is on the rise, and violence is constantly making the news. These are not the times to be without power. An interruption in the main power source leaves people in the dark, which makes them vulnerable in several ways. It is time to consider Power Generators Cape Girardeau MO.


Not so long ago, a power outage was an excuse to light candles, build a fire in the fireplace, and converse with the family uninterrupted by the telephone or television. The front door stayed locked, there were plenty of blankets for warmth, and most people simply went to bed earlier than usual.

Today, automated home security systems are often rendered useless. Food will begin to spoil in the refrigerator and freezers. Businesses are at higher risk for theft with only emergency lighting on. Communication systems are compromised. Heavy reliance on computers, electric-powered everything, and remote monitoring systems make those without power completely vulnerable.

Generators for All Needs

Many generator manufacturers, such as Generac Power Systems and Guardian Ultra Source, offer different sizes and capacities of Power Generators Cape Girardeau MO. Portable ones are ideal for recreational vehicles (RVs), camping trips, and working in remote areas. There are sizes to accommodate needs from residential homes to large industrial plants. Generators are installed and fully integrated by licensed electricians and will power all pre-selected appliances and lights.


Generators are fueled with natural gas or LPG. LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas, which is more commonly known as propane or butane. Additional fuel tanks are an example of the accessories that can accompany generators. Automatic transfer switches, remote monitoring software, controls, and enclosures are also available. These are designed to keep generators secured and allow people to turn on and monitor generators when they are not at home.

Efficient Yet Powerful

It can be difficult to decide which generator will suit unique needs without being too big and expensive to operate. Business owners will need one that is efficient yet powerful enough to protect the entire business space. Selection assistance is offered by the electrical contractors, such as Bates Electric Inc., that have spent decades installing and servicing generators.

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