The Importance Of The Development Of Mic 6 Aluminum Plate Specs

Made by Alcoa, which is now Arconic, Mic 6 aluminum cast tool & jig plate is the gold standard for applications where stability, tight tolerances, and flatness of the plate are all critical considerations.

The development of the current Mic 6 aluminum plate specs is based on years of research and development of the aluminum alloy. Mic 6 is easy to cut, offers exceptional machining, and it can be welded, making it an ideal material for precision types of applications.

What to Know

There are different options in Mic 6 aluminum plate specs. This is a plate that is produced in a continuous casting process, so the width is limited in size based on the production capabilities. The parent plates of Mic 6 aluminum are 144.5 inches in length, with widths of 36.5, 48.5, and 60.5 inches.

The tolerances for each side of the plate is 0.50 micron smoothness, with standard thicknesses of one quarter to four inches available as standard inventory. All Mic 6 aluminum plate specs can also be customized to meet the needs of the customer.

The flatness of the Mic 6 aluminum plate varies based on the plate thickness. It is will be critical to confirm the maximum deviation from flat based on the specific plate ordered. These plates also have a tensile strength of 24 ksi/166 MPa and yield strength of 15 ksi/105 MPa.

While most US customers choose to order Mic 6 plate in standard sizes, it can be customized with minimal order requirements. In addition, this plat can be ordered to metric sizes for specific types of applications.

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