The Many Advantages of Custom Fences Around Residential Swimming Pools

States and municipalities typically require fencing around in-ground public and private swimming pools. The structures are required to be a certain height and have specific types of latching mechanisms. Custom fences can be built around pool decks for property owners who don’t want the usual chain-link option.

Attractive Nuisance Laws

These regulations are intended to protect children who could otherwise get into the water without permission or supervision. The laws address a concept known in legal terms as an attractive nuisance. Some municipalities mandate privacy fencing so that kids can’t even see these water features. A minimum 4-ft. tall height requirement is common for any pool fencing.

Additional Advantages

Property owners have additional advantages with custom fences around swimming pools.

A fence stops companion animals from getting into the water. It also blocks many wildlife species that could be curious or want a drink. Depending on the height and style, the structure will deter trespassers commonly called pool hoppers. Neighborhood teenagers are most likely to engage in this activity, enjoying a chance to swim when there’s nobody home.

A Common Choice

If privacy fencing is not required specifically for the pool, a common choice is a chain link structure for the pool area and privacy fencing around the backyard. Those typically are made from vinyl or wood, although options are available in aluminum and iron.

Gate Latches

Gates must automatically latch when someone closes them. The latch must be inside the pool area and located so a child outside the fence cannot reach it.

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