The Most Important Facets of Residential Interior Design

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Home Improvement

Many designers would say there are few rules in residential interior design, but there are plenty of tricks and tips. That’s why understanding the essential facets of design is crucial for both you and the person you hire to help with the process. We’ll look at what matters in determining the perfect design for your new home or renovation project.

Real Life Applications

The truth is that designing a beautiful space is only part of the job of a designer. You can’t do much with a stunning space if that same space is hard to live in. This is where space planning comes in. That includes making plans for the layout of furniture, blocking out interior areas, and defining circulation patterns. This all leads to designing a space that is efficient and comfortable.

Vision Creation

Next, residential interior design considers what your concept is for the space in terms of atmosphere and aesthetic. An excellent designer will be capable of telling a story through the design they build for you. However, that starts with understanding you and your family, as well as what needs you have.

Material Choices

A large part of great design is knowing how the construction of items and the materials used affect the room when it’s complete. There’s a huge difference between looking at high-quality furniture than looking at low-quality materials. That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, but it does mean looking at solid construction.

Contrast Between Elements

As a designer works with different textures, materials, patterns, and shapes, the things that make them different make them look better together. Some people believe they should choose to have only one fabric, one style of furniture, and one type of light – but this can be a disservice. Differences can lead to a higher level of appeal.


Nobody wants to have a designer come in and build a home that is made for another family. That’s why every design has to be customized for your specific needs. That goes beyond just preferences and tastes. An excellent designer will also work to ensure your favorite belongings are still incorporated into the design. Sometimes combining something unexpected can have stunning results.

Residential Design in DC

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