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The Need For Water Pumps Truro NS

The Need For Water Pumps Truro NS

Rural home owners need to access water from a well and to do this they need to use water pumps Truro NS. There are three basic types of well pumps including the submersible pump, the jet pump and the centrifugal pump. Each type of pump has a specific application and is designed to perform in specific circumstances. The submersible pump is for deep wells and fits in a small shaft, usually between three and four inches wide. These pumps will pump a large volume of water from a deep well and may have a power range of between 1/3 horsepower to 7.5 horsepower.

Centrifugal pumps have a single pipe that is inserted into the borehole of the well. This type of pump is utilized for shallow wells because it generates enough suction to lift water from as deep as 25 feet below ground level. Jet pumps are either for deep wells or for shallow wells and are available in two varieties. The jet pump for a shallow well connects to a well borehole water column and the jet pump sits on the ground surface. Jet pumps are easier to prime than a centrifugal pump because all it requires is that the pump housing be filled with water and then turned on.

  1. Deep well jet pumps are used for wells deeper than 25 feet under the surface of the ground. These pumps have two pipes in the borehole water column, one for suction and one to return water to operate the jet unit installed inside the well borehole under the level of the water. When you are having a pump installed you will need to contact a local company such as Pettis Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. Local companies that deal with water pumps Truro NS are very knowledgeable about what type of well pump system you will need installed at your home to ensure you have access to water. If you already have a complete water system installed, you may need some maintenance if things are not operating correctly. This is the time to contact a local company that has experience with well pumps to check and service your system.

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