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The Process Involved With Eyelash Extension Services in Round Rock TX

Women of all ages are concerned with their physical appearance, and while cosmetics can help solve most problems, there are some areas that may require more extreme measures. One of the best ways to improve a person’s overall look is to use makeup that highlights the eyes and makes them stand out. Mascara can help with this by accentuating eyelashes. Women who don’t have full, lush eyelashes can use artificial lashes, but they are temporary and must be reapplied daily. The best way to combat thin lashes is to get eyelash extensions.

They provide a permanent solution that requires minimal maintenance. Below is an overview of Eyelash Extension Services Round Rock TX. The technician installing the extension will first sanitize all of their tools. This prevents the spread of communicable diseases and is an important step in reducing the risk of eye infections after the procedure. The technician will then apply facial protectors around the eye and prop the eye open using a specialized tool. It is important for the client to be honest about any discomfort they are feeling before the technician begins applying for the extensions. Extension application before application of the extension can begin the technician will use an eyelash brush to separate the hairs.

They will then apply a bonding adhesive to the eyelash extensions and attach it to a naturally occurring hair. The hair will have to be held in place for a minimum of 1 minute to allow the glue time to bond to the existing hair follicle. Special dryers can also be used, but may increase the chance of eye irritation.Final touches after all of the lashes have been applied the technician will brush them and ensure that the application is even. Click here for more details.

They will then apply a thin coat of mascara and give the client time to inspect them. Eyelash Extension Services Round Rock TX are designed to last for up to 12 months. Reapplication will only need to take place when the naturally occurring hairs that are bonded to the extension fall out over time. An eyelash extension service can take several hours to complete, but will provide stunning results for up to a year. The stylists at Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar in Round Rock TX can help anyone tackle self-image issues and get the look they have always wanted. Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the services they provide that can help anyone look their best.

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