The Top Tree Reasons To Utilize Electronic Access Control In East El Paso TX

Maintaining the security of a commercial building is challenging, as the sheer number of people that come and go throughout a day poses a variety of security threats. A standard lock and key is a viable option, but the peace of mind they offer pales in comparison to Electronic Access Control in East El Paso TX. Though there is an initial upfront investment, it is one that will pay for itself after only a few short years and will help keep a company’s physical buildings free from security threats.

Access Tracking

A standard lock and key system will limit unauthorized access to a facility, but it does little to track who is coming and going. When an employee swipes their access card to gain entry, the system will automatically create a record of the event. Access tracking allows managers to seamlessly oversee the activity of a staffing team and determine who was in a building if an issue arises in the future.

Departmental Access

Another benefit of Electronic Access Control in East El Paso TX is the ability to create separate departments and limit access to them by only allowing employees with the proper credentials to come and go. The access card that an employee uses is easy to program, and with a few clicks their access credentials will be updated and provide them with the ability to enter and leave the various departments within a company.

Simplified Access Control

Traditional keys are easy to copy, and even if an employee returns their key after being terminated, they may have a copy hidden away. Access control cards provide an easy way to enter a building but are easy to deactivate. Not having to collect keys or worry about unauthorized copies will help prevent disgruntled employees from wreaking havoc and gaining access to a building when they separate from an organization.

The use of technology allows companies of any size to keep their facilities secure and free from would-be intruders. The team at Pop-A-Lock offers a variety of custom-tailored access systems, and they provide service on all of the equipment they install. Contact us today to learn more and see how easy and affordable securing a commercial building should be.

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