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The Unique Challenges of Commercial Hard Water Descaling

The Unique Challenges of Commercial Hard Water Descaling

If descaling water in a home can be important, commercial hard water descaling is even more so. A greater amount of water is used on a daily basis, meaning that lime scale builds up much more quickly. This can result in major problems with the water system that can become expensive to fix. Some of the most common problems that can be experienced include:

  • Corrosion and blockages in pipes,
  • Reduced water flow,
  • Water that has an “off” taste, and
  • Increased workload for appliances and equipment

Any of these problems will have a negative effect on a business.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is described as being water which contains a higher than normal content of dissolved minerals. When water falls from the sky in the form of rain it is soft. During the travel through soil and rock, magnesium, calcium, and small amounts of other minerals get dissolved. Unless you live in an area where private wells are used, water from the tap will be processed at the local water treatment plant to get rid of impurities and some minerals. However, magnesium and calcium do not usually get removed because they have already been dissolved. The hardness level of water coming out of the plant is determined by the amount and type of processing that was done.

Commercial hard water descaling does not remove these minerals which remain in the water. Rather, an electric charge causes these minerals to live in an inhospitable environment. From this point on they become unable to bond to the surface of the water, resulting in no lime scale deposits.  While magnesium and calcium are not harmful to your health, they affect both the water properties and how effective it is for cleaning and washing. After the hard water has passed through the deposits of minerals, lime scale is left behind. This is why commercial hard water descaling needs to be done.

Which Commercial Industries Are Most Affected?

Even though hard water can be a problem for any industry or commercial business, there are some for which water problems are worse than others. While commercial hard water descaling should be done for everyone, the following industries/ businesses are among those who consider it essential:

  • Laundry mats and commercial linen cleaning services
  • Food processing plants
  • Health care organizations such as hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Bottled water companies

The above list is only a small sampling of commercial businesses who rely on commercial hard water descaling on a regular basis. For example, could you imagine eating at a restaurant where the dishes are covered in lime scale? Reputation is important to business owners and they will normally do whatever is required to ensure that their water is healthy and scale-free.

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