The Various Steps Involved in Air Conditioning Installation in Irving, TX

With warmer temperatures quickly approaching, people in the Irving, Texas area are turning their attention towards their home air conditioning systems. Throughout the fall and winter months, an air conditioner in Irving doesn’t get used much. This long layoff can cause mechanical issues when the system is finally turned on again. Whether these problems are minor or significant, it’s important that they come to the attention of a professional AC repair service. However, if a system is severely damaged or very old, there may be no other viable alternative than to have the air conditioning unit replaced. This will typically call for professional Air Conditioning Installation in Irving TX.

There are a number things that will need to be done to have a new air conditioning installed. For a window unit, the process is quite simple. The old unit will be removed, a new unit will be put securely in its place and then it will be plugged in. However, for central air, Air Conditioning Installation in Irving TX can be a bit more involved.

The first step in Air Conditioning Installation in Irving TX is removing the old system. This means removing the outside air compressor unit, the air handler, which is located on the inside of the home and, sometimes, all supply and return lines. From there, the new system will be installed.

The new unit typically goes in without much fuss, although the new system may require a certain amount of customization as newer systems do tend to be a bit smaller. Depending on the quality of the supply and return lines, those may also be removed and replaced with new lines. If they’re in good condition, they may simply be reused. Lastly, the system will be wired for electricity and, in many instances, a new thermostat will be installed.

In any event, if your air conditioning system needs to be replaced, this is the time to do it. By contacting a company like Xtreme Air Services and taking care of it now, you’ll ensure that your home will be cool and comfortable when the serious summer heat arrives.

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