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The Western Flair of Women’s Clothing in New Port Richey

Western wear is just as important for women as it is for men. Annie Oakley is known for popularizing the fringe jacket, and countless women have shown their love for cowboy boots and hats. In the Wild West, women wore all types of designs from pants to long dresses. Evidently, Western-style clothes and accessories for women are much more elaborate and colorful than those for men. So, look through a large variety of modern Western styles for women’s clothing.

Western Shirts and Jackets

There are cowboy shirts that are made for women; however, the female designs are more varied. Many women wear adornments on their shirts, such as fringes, rhinestones and silver or gold buttons. Common looks include plaid, paisley or solid colors. Some women sew their own patterns and adornments onto the shirt sleeves, fronts or backs.

Western Denim

Denim is a classic fabric that was equally as popular during the olden days as it is nowadays. The fabric was rough enough to endure the harshest activities of cowboys and cowgirls. For both women and men, there are denim clothes that vary from very black to soft white to faded blue.

Women like wearing denim for big Western themed events like dances. They can wear denim jeans, denim jackets, denim boots or denim accessories from belts to gloves. Many of them wear denim skirts to their knees or down to the floor. Denim shirts are easy to button down and remove in hot weather. There are no limits to their denim clothing ideas.

Western Embellishments

It is common to find this type of women’s clothing embellished with Western accents and accessories. They can take the simplest cowgirl shirt and make it into something that turns heads. Many of them embellish their ties and leather belts with everything from beads to rhinestones to metal pieces. The types of materials vary from pink painted suede to roughened brown leather.

Fringes are popular trimmings that anyone can attach to shirts, purses and boots. The jewelry options include Western style necklaces and pendants made of leather or silver. Women should not forget the creative designs found on cowgirl hats and boots. They can wear boots that extend to their ankles or to their thighs. The looks are endless for women willing to work on their Western wear.

There are so many different Western styles that women are allowed to wear to rodeos, Western bars and horse shows. There is no end to the number of colors, accessories and materials available to girls and women. Unlike their male counterparts, they are fortunate enough to be able to design whatever they want. Find a wide range of styles in a store that sells women’s clothing in New Port Richey.

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