Things to know during a visit to Children’s Dentistry in Charleston

What Are Some of the Procedures That Children’s Dentistry in Charleston May Include?

Children’s dentistry in Charleston covers a wide selection of services. Examples include dental sealants, fluoride treatments, and professional cleanings.

What Happens During A First Visit?

The dentist wants to do two things during a first visit: put the child at ease and introduce them to the basics of dental care. The dentist will examine and clean the child’s teeth. If they are old enough, the dentist may also take X-rays. Parents are sometimes encouraged to stay with the child during the first visit so everybody gets to know the team and feel comfortable.

The dentist will also advise the child on the proper way to brush and floss their teeth.

What Is A Vitality Test?

A vitality test is a way of determining the health of a tooth. More specifically, it is a way of checking the health of the pulp inside the tooth. There are several different techniques, and the dentist will choose the one that is most beneficial to the patient.

What Is Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment?

Dentists now recommend that a child first see an orthodontist by the time they are seven years old. Their adult teeth will have started to grow in by then, and the orthodontist will be able to spot potential problems.

In two-phase orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist may start treating a child for orthodontic problems when they are as young as six years old. This allows the orthodontist to take advantage of the child’s soft bones which makes it easier to correct problems like a narrow palate.

The first phase is followed by a resting phase during which the rest of adult teeth grow in. If necessary, the child will get braces during the second phase of treatment.

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