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Three Commonly Asked Questions About A Cat Boarding Kennel In Mt. Vernon

Three Commonly Asked Questions About A Cat Boarding Kennel In Mt. Vernon

Sometimes, it’s necessary for cat owners to be away from their feline companions for a few days and nights. Individuals who have to leave town and feel hesitant about leaving their cats at home by themselves & should consider contacting a cat boarding kennel in Mt. Vernon. Pet owners who leave their animals at a boarding facility while they’re gone won’t have to worry about the safety and care of their pets while they’re away. Find out more by reading these three commonly asked questions about cat boarding.

Q.) Are there any requirements for cats when they stay at a boarding facility?

A.) To ensure the safety and well-being of all the cats at the boarding facility, every cat must be current on their vaccinations. Cat owners must bring in a receipt that states a veterinarian has given each cat leukemia, FVRCP, and rabies vaccinations.

Q.) Are cat owners required to bring food for their pet while the animal stays at the boarding facility?

A.) The boarding facility has everything a cat or kitten needs during their stay. This includes dry food for meals, fresh water, clean kitty litter, and a scratching post. Each cat stays in their own personal condo, and multiple cats from the same household can share a space. Pet owners who want their cats to receive treats or special food while they’re at the facility can request this free service.

Q.) Why should cat owners leave their pets at a boarding facility while away from home?

A.) When a pet owner is gone from the home for several days, this can cause cats to become anxious and stressed. Cats may not eat when they feel this way, and this behavior isn’t healthy for the animal. When cats stay at a Cat Boarding Kennel in Mt. Vernon, the animals never feel alone, and they’re much happier.

If you need to board your cat while you’re away from home, contact the Canine Country Club and Cattery, Inc. The experienced and caring staff at this boarding facility ensures that all cats are safe and well cared for during their stay. Browse the Cat Boarding Kennel website to learn more information about their facility and to contact them when you need to board your cat.

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