Three Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling Therapy in Arlington Heights IL

Unlike how many movies and television shows choose to portray marriage, marriage isn’t easy. In fact, many would quickly agree that marriage is more than a word, but rather an action that must continually be worked on day after sometimes easy and sometimes horrible day. If you are finding that your marriage is suffering more “low” days than “up” and match any of these signs, then you and your partner would likely be able to benefit from marriage counseling therapy in Arlington Heights IL:

1. Your Communication Skills Stink

Feel as if your partner isn’t listen to you? While your partner is talking, are you thinking more about how you’re going to respond rather than listening to what he or she is saying? Great communication skills are a must-have for anyone who wants to have a marriage that can weather the surprises that will be thrown out them during the next forty, fifty or even one hundred years. If you find that the following are true to you, then you and your partner may need marriage counseling therapy:

  • Arguments are loaded with innuendo and accusations
  • You focus more on being right than being happy with your spouse
  • You focus on the past rather than using history as a tool for insight and growth
  • Your spouse is immediately on the defense when you introduce a complaint or point of concernRemember, your poor communication skills aren’t solely about you. There are almost always areas of improvement on both sides of the marriage, though when counseled and coached by a qualified professional, discussions which may have previously turned into arguments can turn into a deeper and more fulfilling relationship.

2. Your Sex Life Is Non-Existent

A couple’s sex life tells a lot about the intimacy that they have with one another. When a couple’s sex life has significantly changed without any other reasoning (i.e. the birth of a new child, stresses at work, etc.) then it’s a fairly good indication that the relationship isn’t going as smoothly for at least one side at the other.

On the flip-side, it’s important to note that a sudden increase in sex drive from a partner may indicate a problem in the marriage as well. Typically a sudden increase with no explanation indicates outside arousal that isn’t coming from the spouse, but from another source. This requires some digging and further information, something marriage counseling therapy in Arlington Heights IL will be able to unveil in a controlled environment without any hurt or harassment.

3. You’re Clinging To The Past

The past will always be, but you don’t need to always be in it. If you or your partner is constantly bringing up issues of the past that have been resolved, then it may be time for a professional intervention. A counselor will use a couples’ past as a point of reference and for insight, but they will provide forward-thinking solutions to any problem a couple may be having. Visit for more information on marriage counseling therapy.

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