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Tips and Tricks of Using Biddable Media

Tips and Tricks of Using Biddable Media

As time goes by, advertisers are constantly looking for new ways of showing their digital savvy, and marketing partners and agencies find themselves pushed to deliver a higher return on investment. It can be a challenging situation, but there are a few options that can make the process easier for everyone involved. We’ll share a few tips on using biddable media in marketing to help you along.

Test and Test Again

You have to stay ahead of new fads and technology to grow your market in a reasonable way. How do you do this? One way is by testing new channels as often as possible to find new avenues for your marketing. Google analytics is helpful, but it can only go so far. You should have a budget allocated for this form of testing to ensure that you’re not missing out on a channel that would offer a great ROI and therefore stay ahead of your competition.

Attribute Correctly

Do you know which of your channels are bringing in the most of your return on investment? To have this in place, you need attribution modeling. This helps you answer questions like ‘would Facebook ads work for response?’ or ‘are Google clicks leading to direct conversion?’. The good news is that many attribution tools are fairly inexpensive. In addition, if you use a marketing agency, they’ll have the tools so you don’t have to worry about the extra cost.

Transparency Matters

There is a ton of fake traffic out there. It can’t be stopped in its entirety. There’s malware that generates it and there are brokers who put it on the market. This can lead to advertising costs that are out of control, so make sure you talk to your marketing agency about seeing your business’ impressions and where it appeared. This gives you the chance to determine if something is strange.

Partnership Both Ways

Some agencies consider biddable media non-beneficial. It can be risky to risk not being paid if your business’ requirements aren’t met. However, agencies are willing to take risks for a great relationship. This means being clear and accessible to your agency to ensure the best results.

Great Marketing Nearby

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