Tips and Tricks on How to Fix A Credit Score in Pennsylvania

When it comes to bad credit repair in Pennsylvania, several areas might be able to be fixed, which can boost your number. The first step is to pull a report. Everyone gets a certain amount of free reports from each credit bureau. There are three of them: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.


Once you get the file, some things to be on the lookout for are late payments or past dues. Companies and banks can inaccurately report these, and that misinformation will damage your score.


You can challenge or dispute these claims and more. Once you file a dispute, the bureau you addressed must respond to you within 45 days. Keep track of when you submitted the claim and all of the documentation you sent in. The credit bureaus ‘ online dispute portals are the fastest way to get problems resolved. Through the platforms, you can use dropdown menus and type in any explanations you feel are necessary. Going this route will give you an electronic record of your communications. People can also challenge issues with a phone call or written letter.


When dealing with bad credit repair in Pennsylvania, you will want to watch your balances throughout the process. When you carry debt close to a credit card limit, it will reduce your score. Some experts recommend that you do not access more than 30% of the available credit on any one card. Never using credit will also hurt your number, so there is a fine line between low and high balances. For more tips and information on bad credit repair in Pennsylvania, contact Square One Credit Management at

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