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Tips For Choosing The Best Face Paint

For any type of costume, event, performance or public appearance, when you need to create a character that is authentic or classic, it is important to use only the best quality of face paint.

Professional level, quality types of face and body paint will remain on the body longer, will resist running and smearing, and will provide the colors and the tones that are needed to create the specific look desired.

Generally, most people are only going to use face and body paint for Halloween, while some may also be involved in the theater and acting on a local level. When you are doing your own makeup for these events and not using a professional makeup artist, choosing quality face paint is going to be essential.


Depending on the look you wish to achieve with the face and body paint, blending of colors and shading is going to be important. Look for brands that offer top blending potential within the line to allow you to develop the specific shades and colors necessary to create shadows and highlights.


Water based paint tends to be much more comfortable to wear. They are activated for application with a small amount of water on the brush or the sponge. This type of paint applies like a smooth cream, but it is not heavy or thick. It won’t crack or flake as you move.

This type of face paint is also gentle and easy on the skin and well tolerated by most skin types. For those that are sensitive to additives, look for fragrance-free options that are less likely to cause any type of reaction.


While it is possible to simply apply face and body paint and let it dry, it is advisable to use a recommended powder or setting spray after the application. Choosing an option that doesn’t add a heavy or stiff feeling will allow a very natural experience when wearing the paint, even if it is completely covering the skin.

The top lines of face and body paint are designed for easy removal. Simply wash with warm water and soap and then rinse to completely clean the skin and remove the paint. This is essential as some of the body paint removers can be very harsh on the skin, and for those that may have to wear the paint on an ongoing basis, this can lead to rashes, dry skin and skin irritations with lower quality paints.

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