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Tips for Having the Perfect Wedding Photo Booth

Photo booths at weddings are huge right now, and there are many reasons why. When you choose a professional company that knows their stuff, it can be one of the highlights of your big day. However, choosing an inexperienced company can lead to a disappointing situation. Let’s look at how to do it the right way.

Consider an Open Booth

A closed booth can be fun, but an open booth might be more appropriate for a wedding. With an open type booth, more people can join in on the shot. It can also provide better lighting and leave you with more options as far as positioning goes.

Get Involved

Sure, the wedding photo booth in Manhattan might be mainly for your guests, but you should still have some fun too. The couple can take photos with friends and family to offer even more options beyond the traditional photography you’ll also have available.
Choosing a Position

You don’t want to stick the booth somewhere out of the way or you probably won’t get as many pictures. One option is to place the booth near the dance floor. That lets people know the booth is there. They can visit it and then head back to the dance floor if they like.

Photo Quality

Everyone is looking their best at your wedding, so you want the pictures to look great, too. When considering the company that may offer your wedding photo booth in Manhattan, make sure to determine the quality of their photos. It’s also a good idea to choose a company that can do retouching after the wedding is over.

Props & Backdrops

If you choose an interesting backdrop, it will make people more likely to want to have a picture taken in front of it. Also, having fun props is mandatory. You want to give the guests a way to get creative and come out of their shells.


At a wedding, you have plenty on your plate without adding more. Choose a company that provides an attendant for the booth. They can also encourage your guests to have a photo taken. The booth is easy to operate but having someone there to take care of any issues is important.
At ISH Events, we understand you want your wedding to be perfect. We provide many different types of photo booths to help you design that perfection.

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