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Tips For Maintaining Marine Batteries

Marine batteries are used in boats as their main source of energy to run the motor, as well as other onboard functions. Boats are a popular entertainment vehicle that many people enjoy and you will want your boat to stay in good running condition. If you want your boat’s battery to keep running smoothly, then follow these tips for maintaining marine batteries:

Keep Marine Batteries’ Terminals Clean

The terminals and case of your battery should be cleaned by using paste made with baking soda, as this neutralizes acid. It prevents a grease or acid film on the case from becoming conductible.

Use Distilled Water to Refill Batteries

Marine batteries must be refilled with distilled water if they get low. Don’t use tap water because it has minerals that will ruin the battery. This can be bought at many pharmacies or grocery stores.

Ensure Positive Battery Terminal is Covered

The positive terminal of a marine battery should be kept covered up with what is called a boot. You can buy this from most boat or battery retailers. By covering the battery, you prevent any sparks or arcing, which could potentially cause the battery to explode if something is dropped onto it.

Store Batteries in Cool, Dry Location

Marine batteries should be removed and stored during the winter when not being used and kept in a cool, dry spot. However, don’t let them freeze as it will damage the battery. Cool storage helps to slow down the energy discharge, as batteries will self-discharge when not in use and must be periodically recharged.

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