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Tips for Photographing the 2019 Solar Eclipse

Tips for Photographing the 2019 Solar Eclipse

Do you plan to experience the 2019 solar eclipse? You may have to travel to Argentina, Chile, or parts of the Pacific near New Zealand, but this is a great way to enjoy a vacation. To preserve such a special occasion you might want to photograph the eclipse. Here are some tips to help you get the best images in the safest way.

Location is Important

If you want the best pictures for the 2019 solar eclipse, you should go to Chile. In the Andes and close to Argentina are some excellent places and you can check out local observatories too. Location is vital to getting the most interesting images of the event, and you should get to view a spectacular total eclipse of the sun.


Holding a camera during the 2019 solar eclipse may not give you the best images. You should have a good tripod. This keeps you from accidentally moving the camera. You also need a high-quality solar filter made for your camera. Here are some other items to include:

* Extra camera batteries

* Memory card

* Battery charger

* Lenses

* Lens cleaners

* AC adapters

Setting Up Your Tripod

You want maximum stability so try to choose a spot with level ground. Keep the tripod as close to the ground as you can. It is best not to extend it if you do not have to.


Go through the entire photographing or filming procedure many times. Remember to allow for sun movement and take a lot of practice images. Practice packing up and setting up your equipment so you can do so smoothly and quickly at eclipse time. With a little patience and practice, you can get some spectacular images of this special event and create some exciting memories which last for a lifetime.

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