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What To Know Before Hiring Moving Companies In Durham, NC

What To Know Before Hiring Moving Companies In Durham, NC

Hiring moving companies in Durham NC, does not have to be a complicated process. The key is to know what you need from the mover before making the initial contact. In some cases, the moving companies may make suggestions based on the information you provide, giving you options to consider.

Ideally, knowing exactly what you required from the moving companies providing a quote. By giving the same information to the different companies, the quote comparisons are accurate and include the same services.

Moving Dates and Locations

It is important to know the specific moving dates required. This includes when you need to be out of your current residence and when you can take possession of the new residence. If there are gaps between these dates, the movers may offer short-term storage, which is a great option to consider.

Moving dates book up quickly, particularly weekends, the first and end of the month and the summer months. If the move is within those time periods, try to book at least three months in advance.

The specific location to move to is also important. This includes if there are elevators or stairs at either end of the move or if the truck must be parked away from the building or residence.

What is Going on the Truck

The amount of furniture and household possessions on the truck is a major factor for the cost of the move. When getting an accurate estimate, know what large items in the home are being moved and which ones are staying behind.

By decluttering the home for sale, extra furniture and items are removed. It is important to inform the moving companies of these items if they are going to be part of what is included in the move from Durham, NC.

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