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Tips For Remaining Safe On Industrial Docks In Frankfort

A large percentage of workplace accidents take place on loading docks due to the heavy machinery in use and exposure to rain and wind. Companies that operate Industrial Docks in Frankfort need to make sure their employees know the right precautions to take. The following are some safety tips to make industrial docks a safer environment.

Mark Floors

One way to increase the safety of a dock is to mark the floors with paint or tape, showing where it is unsafe to walk or stand. Floors should be marked to create a safe distance between workers and machinery.

Use Signs And Signals

One of the risk factors at Industrial Docks in Frankfort is the fact that people can’t hear each other speak or even shout over the loud noise of trucks and machinery. Consequently, visual signals, like red and green lights, can be extremely helpful for drivers and workers on the dock.

Clean The Floors

Slippery floors make it easy for workers to slip and fall, so they need to be kept free of leaves and debris that can collect water. Also, any obstacles that could present a tripping hazard must be identified and cleared away.

Use Locking Devices

When trucks approach the loading dock, they need to be locked in place during loading and unloading. Falls are likely to occur when a truck separates accidentally from the dock.

Teach Safety

All employees should undergo training on proper safety precautions. These can include walking rather than running on the dock, keeping a safe distance from the edges of the dock, refraining from jumping on to or off of a truck, and wearing proper shoes.

Watch For Common Hazards

Employees should be aware of common hazards and remove or avoid them. These can include unchocked trailer wheels, slippery surfaces, carbon monoxide, and unsecured dock plates. In addition, back injuries can result from improper lifting.

Other safety measures can include the installation of railings and the addition of lighting around the dock area. It is also important to make sure that dock plates and boards have sufficient weight capacity. Visit the website to learn more about Industrial Docks in Frankfort from A Better Door & Window.

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