Tips for Reviewing Atlanta Commercial Plumbing Contractors

by | Nov 29, 2019 | Plumbers and Plumbing

Commercial construction is very different from residential construction. Working with specialized contractors in Atlanta with experience in similar types of projects is always an important consideration for any project management team or property owner.
When it comes to commercial plumbing contractors, taking time to compare several aspects of the different companies in the Atlanta area is always the foundation for the project. Getting to know the various contractors by reputation and by services offered is essential. Simply looking at a bid price for the job only provides limited insight into what to expect.
What Services are Offered?

Most commercial plumbing contractors offer a range of services. This can include full planning and estimation services, design build services, design assist, and even support for LEED construction and sustainability factors.
A small number of these contractors also provide 3D digital project modeling or Building Information Modeling (BIM). For more complex types of projects, this can be an effective way to identify any challenges or errors in the design and correct them before construction begins.
History of Past Projects

Always look for commercial plumbing contractors with a wide range of projects in their portfolio. Ideally, the contractors should have worked on projects in the Atlanta area, which makes it easy to contact past clients and to assess the professionalism, scheduling, and work provided by the contractor on a similar type of project.
Cost Comparisons

On any project, the cost is going to be a factor when choosing a plumbing contractor. Be sure the bid is detailed and provides a line breakdown of the costs, including all specifications and requirements by the design team, architect, and property owner.
Keep in mind, extremely low bids are often a sign of lack of understanding of the full scope of the project, cutting corners on the quality of materials, or failing to understand the equipment, manpower, and supplies needed for the job.

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