Tips For Using A Digital Pressure Manometer

There are many different times when being able to quickly, easily and accurately take pressure readings for different applications or systems is important. Using a digital pressure manometer takes most of the human error out of reading a standard analog type of manometer.

Different types of systems and use requirements will need to be taken into account to find the best type of digital pressure manometer. There are models and designs that are meant to be installed directly into a system on a permanent basis. There is also the option to choose a portable system that will allow you to take the manometer into the field or use it across multiple environments and use conditions with ease.

What to Look For

When using these portable pressure manometers with the digital reading display, look for the practical nature of the design. If it is going to be used in the field, it needs to be compact, lightweight and easy to pack in an equipment case.

Look for a system that allows you to choose the range you need from differential to absolute and gauge. It should also have the connections and options to allow the system to be connected to a system to provide recording, remote control as well as to provide a remote display.

Power will also be an essential factor for a portable unit. Typically, these systems will be designed to operate on battery power when needed or a DC power source. Some may even offer the option to use with an AC converter by adding an additional module.

The display should be easy to read and offer the ability to quickly and easily change from different scientific or engineering measurement units. This will be an essential component to consider if the digital pressure manometer will be used across a wide range of different testing and monitoring situations.

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