Tips from a Washington, DC Residential Interior Design Expert

The cost of hiring an experienced, professional, residential interior design expert is well worth the investment. These professionals have the eye and the knowledge to create beautiful spaces that are practical, work into the overall home design, and offer features to accentuate specific aspects of the space.

If you are just updating a room of your Washington, DC home, it is simple to incorporate one or more interior design strategies used by the professionals. While you may not be a residential interior design expert, you can still create a beautiful look to any room of the house.

• Work with what you like – most people naturally like specific colors, textures, patterns, fabrics= and styles. By working with the elements you want, it is easier to create a space that is uniquely your own. It is also helpful to think about what you do not like and avoid adding those items and elements to the space.

• Have a focus for the room – determine where the focus of the room will be and then build the room around that item, feature or element. This may be a picture window, a fireplace, or a kitchen island or countertop area. The other pieces and elements in the room should support this major feature and not compete or create a cluttered or crowded look.

• Consider colors – colors are very personal. They create an ambiance or an emotion in a room. A sunny yellow is light and airy looking, while a deep red or forest green is dramatic and intense. Keep in mind colors also look different in various lights, which is a factor any residential interior design expert focusses on when making a choice.

Take the time to look around online for ideas for your Washington, DC home. Consider mixing and matching ideas to create the space, functionality, and the look you desire.
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