Tips On Good Septic System Maintenance In Bellingham WA

Septic systems get rid of most of the waste-water and dirt generated in homes. Regular maintenance is therefore required to ensure their efficiency. Leaking septic systems can pose a great health risk to the users and to the environment as well. Bad odors emanating from the waste-water can make your home unlivable. You can ensure proper functioning and efficiency of your system by scheduling regular septic system in Bellingham WA. A good service provider will keep your home hygienic and organized.

Tips To Good Septic System Maintenance

Septic Tank Installation in Bellingham WA

Do not install your own system. Even if you have limited funds, the services of a contractor are essential. This is one system in the home that you cannot take chances with. Call septic tank installation service providers to help you. This way, you will avoid costly mistakes.


Always keep your water levels in the minimum. This can be limited by ensuring each person does not put more than 50 gallons per day. This will keep away bad smell and also limit the possibility of flooding. Also ensure that other materials are not put in the septic tank. Things like sanitary pads and chemicals can cause blockage. They can make your septic tank system fail.

Grease & Oils

Keep grease and cooking oils away from the sinks. This is because they will clog the pipes. This will of course cause blockage and so the drainage will not work. You can have inspections every now and then from the sewage company. This will help to ensure that the system is functioning normally. Blockage can cause bad water to flow back into the house which is dangerous.

Decreasing Sludge

The higher the level of sludge, the less efficient your system will be. Ensure that the septic tank is pumped every now and then. The right service man will tell you when the system needs pumping. You can also work to decrease the sludge by using soluble toilet paper.

Whatever your need is call experts of septic system in Bellingham WA. They will help you to install your system effectively. They will also help in pumping sludge every now and then if you call them. The Thomas Brothers septic tank services are the most reliable.

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