Tips on Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio

In the summer of 2016, state lawmakers enacted House Bill 523, based on evidence that medicinal cannabis improves the quality of life for Ohio people. With the passing of this bill, medicinal marijuana became legal throughout the state of Ohio, which makes it easier for people to obtain a medical marijuana card in Ohio.

Who Can Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card?

You must be at least 18 if you wish to obtain a medical marijuana card in Ohio. If you are under 18, you can still obtain a card, but you must have a caregiver over 21 assigned to you. Just because you are 18 doesn’t mean you can automatically sign up for a card. You must also have certain medical conditions. To register for a card, you must show proof of residency and meet with a certified doctor.

Once you’ve been registered in Ohio, you’ll get a patient identification card from the State Board of Pharmacy. You’ll enjoy all of the legal rights, and advantages are given to patients under the State’s medical marijuana legislation after receiving your card.

What to Expect at the Appointment

During your initial appointment, your new doctor will discuss any current medical conditions you are dealing with and what course of treatment you are using. You will be asked to bring all requested medical records to your appointment. This will allow the doctor to review all of the records related to your medical condition. There will also be plenty of time for you as a patient to ask any questions about your eligibility.

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