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To Bling or Not to Bling, That is The Question: What Mens Diamond Bracelets Say About You

As a result of living in a society that values success above all things, vanity items have become so popular as status symbols. And, in a sense, that’s fine. If you worked hard to earn something and want to spend it on something else to showcase to the world what heights of success you’ve achieved, then more power to you. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, it should be noted that mens diamond bracelets seem to earn a special degree of ire in any and all who behold them. They—especially the larger pieces—are just plain gaudy, loud, obnoxious, and strangely irksome. Perhaps it was best immortalized in a Friends episode where Joey gets Chandler a kind-of mens diamond bracelet and Chandler is so horrified to wear it that they nearly fight about it.

What’s In This Bling?

So what is it about mens diamond bracelets that make some people cringe with disgust? Perhaps it’s in the pretentiousness of the thing. It’s intentionally loud after all and intended to catch the attention of all those around. If not, what’s the point? It’s also worn a little looser than it should so it jangles and makes noise. So, in a sense, it elicits a whole “look at what I have that you don’t” vibe that throws people off.

Another reason is that it really is ugly looking and doesn’t seem to fit any ensemble save for those found on episodes of Miami Vice (the original one). Unlike other status symbols that affect others through subtlety, mens diamond bracelets tend to bludgeon you into submission—which they may well do anyway. It is, in a sense, sending the wrong message of snooty wealth that alienates so many people.

The Right Way to Do It

So are mens diamond bracelets really all that bad? No—if done right. They can actually be legitimately complementary accessories that allow you to express your success without throwing people off. How is that done? By making them smaller. A centimeter-wide row of diamonds can do the trick. It looks good and classy all at the same time. People are going to see the glint and glitter that you’re going for without being blinded altogether.

Second, just make certain it fits properly around your wrist. The jangling noise does nothing but project a poor grasp of your own body’s measurements. Plus, a mens diamond bracelet that fits has all the elegance, if not more, than that of an expensive watch. You wouldn’t want that costly status symbol of yours to drop embarrassingly on the floor as you show it off.

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