How Male Triathletes Can Find the Right Gear

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For men participating in a competitive game of triathlon, it takes more than just their skills, endurance or agility to win the race. Although there are many factors that contribute to the success of a man in during triathlon competitions, the tri suit that he wears definitely helps. Thus, in a way success in a triathlon race depends on the choice of a tri suit of a competitor. Tri suits come in different quality levels and anyone who is serious in winning the race must be careful when choosing this attire.

Tri suit manufacturers are always finding quality fabrics and modern clothing constructions to come up with products that the triathletes need to perform better. This means that wearing older triathlon suits can be disadvantageous to triathletes if their competitors are wearing the modern ones. It is therefore important for serious competitors to buy new tri suits every now and then. Since triathlon involves biking, swimming and running, tri suits should be versatile enough to withstand the effects of water and land elements as well as the bike.

Running and Biking

To run and bike comfortably, modern tri suits have to be breathable. They should be made of materials that let out body heat and sweat to keep the wearer cool. Heat can affect the performance of triathletes. Human beings have sweat glands that secrete sweat to the skin which cools the body once it evaporates. If the sweat cannot escape, then it will not evaporate and therefore the body will not cool itself naturally the way it should. If this continues and the body becomes extremely hot, a person can experience heat stroke.

Tri suits should also be elastic enough to allow free movement. Tri suits are made to be body hugging to reduce air drag while running, biking and swimming. However, due to this the fabric suit might restrict the movement of the body. That is why it is important to for a tri suit to be made in a way that allows the movement of the wearer.


For swimming legs in triathlon competitions, tri suits must have a set of features that allow triathletes to maximize their performance on water. The fabric must have a less drag in water and it should allow full movement of the arms and legs. It should also give its wearer warmth while swimming. The suit should also take least time possible to dry after the wearer gets out of the water.

If the water is too cold, triathletes might need extra protection. Therefore, it is important that the wetsuit be sufficiently large to allow the triathletes to wear some attire inside. However, when the water is not very cold, the tri suit should be sufficient to keep the body warm.

Winning triathlon events need good choice of tri suits. Wearing a tri suit that does not do its job properly is a recipe for failure in the competitions.

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