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New Faster Hand Dryers

When most people think of bathroom hand dryers, they think of the older weak and ineffectual machines. Some users become so frustrated with older-technology hand dryers, they would rather use paper towels or even their pants to dry their hands. Newer technology is becoming popular in modern models, making more effective and faster hand dryers possible. Beside not drying hands as quickly as users would like, another complaint about older models is they could be blowing contaminated air right onto the user’s hands. To combat this, newer technology usually comes with HEPA filters to clean the air coming into the machine. This way the air blowing onto the user’s hands will be free from any bacteria that might be present with older models. Modern hand dryers also usually come equipped with an automatic sensor to turn the machine on, so the user will not have to touch a button that may have bacteria on it after washing their hands.

Vertical Dryer Design

The most futuristic looking and innovative design for fast hand dryers is the vertical hand dryer. These models have a slot for the user to place their hands into.  There is a powerful jet of air inside that is activated when the user inserts their hands. The air jet literally blasts the water off the user’s hands and collects the water in the bottom of the slot. These vertical drying machines can dry a user’s hands in about 12 seconds. With vertical hand dryers you will find that it is no longer necessary for the user to wave their hands back and forth in a stream of warm air and wait until the water evaporates. The user just has to insert their hands into the slot and draw them out slowly, letting the powerful jet of air blow the water right off their hands. Vertical dryers don’t even require a heating element to warm up the air, the power of the jets alone is enough to remove the water.

Super Powerful Hand Dryers

This new design in hand dryers mainly has to do with the technology inside the machine. From the outside they closely resemble older-technology hand dryers. However, inside the machine they have extremely powerful fan motors that get the air moving very fast. Some models of high-powered hand dryers can dry a user’s hands in around 12 seconds, which makes them still competitive with futuristic looking vertical hand dryers.

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