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Top 5 Reasons you should send money online

If you are using a reputed bank to transfer money to India from Canada, you are generally safe but you still need to keep a check on the credibility of the remittance company if you are using the money transfer services.
Things to check include:

  • Is the organization approved and licensed by the Central Bank of that country?
  • How many years has the organization been in the business of remittances?
  • Does the organization have Correspondent Bank Relationships with leading and reputed banks, including your own bank?
  • Does the organization have an After-Sales Support team and are they easily accessible?
  • What are the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of this organization?

As a customer, you may or may not know the specific details required for your remittance transaction. But the staff should! Or, at least, they should be able to get the information from the system and ensure that your transaction is correctly processed. Various countries, outwards and inwards, have different limits on amounts that may be transferred using different instruments. The staff should be able to advise you on such things, too. Errors in such details can delay processing of your transactions by several days or weeks.
In today’s world of advancing technology, good and swift services are very necessary. Ensure that your money remittance agent is giving you the services at competitive rates and charges.
We hope the above points will help you conduct safe and enjoyable money transfers. For more details you can log on to and utilize our services for best remittance experience.

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