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Top Reasons To Consider Photofacials In Chicago

It doesn’t matter who you are, you probably have something you want to change about yourself. Society has shown that people are always searching for perfection and eternal youth and want to look their best. However, perfection isn’t possible for anyone, and no one should look 16 when they’re 80. Photofacials in Chicago can help you erase wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, sun spots and can also help with other skin problems. It is considered a non-invasive treatment that uses a high-tech IPL. If you are on the fence between a photofacial and chemical peels or other microdermabrasion techniques, it may help you to learn about the reasons why a photofacial could be better.

Almost Immediate Results

Most people notice better results within the first day of treatment though it can take a few days to really start to see anything different. However, in the immediate-gratification society you live in, that can work out best because you can work it into almost any schedule and walk away looking and feeling much different.

No Hospitals

Some procedures require you to go to the hospital, which can be overwhelming, stressful and difficult to do, especially if an overnight stay is required. However, a photofacial can be done in a clinic or doctor’s office, so you won’t have to worry about going to the hospitals. In most cases, your appointment can be scheduled around your already-busy schedule, but that is up to the doctor or clinic.


The procedure itself will only take about 30 minutes, but you may require multiple sessions to get the full benefits of photofacials in Chicago. Your doctor will be able to talk to you more about the number of sessions you’ll need to get the results you want.

No Downtime

Most procedures have you lying in bed, recuperating for at least one or two days, which doesn’t fit in with most people’s busy lives. However, a photofacial procedure is quick and requires no downtime, so you can go back to work or do errands you need to complete when the procedure is done. However, you should note that the area treated may be slightly red afterward, which is completely normal and won’t hurt you.

Many Problems Treated

Most cosmetic procedures focus on the removal of wrinkles or brightening the skin. However, a photofacial can help with many skin troubles, including:

* Smoke/sun damage
* Vein trouble
* Mild scars from acne
* Enlarged pores
* Uneven pigments
* Dull complexion
* Broken capillaries
* Age spots
* Red-flushed skin
* Liver spots
* Wrinkles/fine lines

Photofacials in Chicago are an excellent option for those who want help fast. Visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery today to learn more.

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