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Top Three Roles Played By an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney in Norman, OK

Top Three Roles Played By an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney in Norman, OK

If you are injured in a truck accident, a proficient truck accident attorney in Norman, OK can help you fight for your rightful compensation. The process of fighting for compensation from the liable party can be lengthy and complicated. This is because there are many different parties, including the truck driver and their employer, who may be responsible for the accident. In most cases, these individuals tend to deny liability for the mishap. An experienced truck accident lawyer from Cain Law Office can help you establish liability for the incident and ensure you get the rightful compensation from the appropriate parties. Here are the three primary roles of a truck accident lawyer.

Calculating the Amount of Compensation

Compensation for injuries and damages caused by a truck accident can be divided into two categories, which include economic and non-economic. Economic damages ensure the victim is compensated for their financial losses, such as:

* Medical expenses, such as emergency room visits and hospital care

* Rehabilitation expenses

* Lost income or missed checks

Non-economic truck accident damages compensate the victim for intangible, non-financial losses, such as:

* Pain and suffering

* Mental anguish including worry, nervousness, and embarrassment

* Loss of consortium, including loss of companionship, comfort and affection

Gathering Sufficient Evidence

It is important to note that the at-fault party’s insurance company will launch an investigation immediately after the mishap in an attempt to reduce the amount to pay out as compensation. During this process, it is also essential for truck accident attorneys to complete a thorough investigation on their own. The success of your case will largely depend on your lawyer’s ability to collect and present evidence that proves the other party was at fault and, therefore, should pay for your damages. To know more, click here.

Court Representation

Your truck accident attorney will reach out to the other party or parties, and attempt to reach an agreement before the lawsuit is filed. If the negotiations fail, your lawyer will file a court case. The lawyer will represent you well in court. They will strategically present the available evidence to prove the liability of the other party.

These are just some of the key benefits of hiring a truck accident attorney in Norman, OK. To enjoy these benefits, you must make sure you hire the right truck accident lawyer. For more information about truck accident lawyers, visit

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