Top Tips for Recovering from Laser Eye Surgery

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Health & Fitness

Recovering from a laser eye surgery can come with a bit of adjustment and discomfort. Here are essential tips to make sure you heal and recover a lot faster:

Give yourself time

Don’t try to rush into things, says SymptomFind. Take it easy and rest a lot. Give your eyes time to adjust before you get back to the daily grind.

Wear goggles

You’ll be provided with eye shields or googles from the Lasik center before you get out of surgery. Make sure you wear them – especially at night – while you sleep. Otherwise, you might accidentally touch your eyes while you sleep, which could lead to an infection. The googles are designed to prevent that from happening.

Don’t rub your eyes

The first 7 days after the surgery is crucial. Do your best not to rub your eyes. If your eyes feel itchy or dry, then pay attention to the following steps:

Use the drops

Your doctor will prescribe you eye drops you can use post-surgery. Use these to relieve any discomfort like itchiness or dryness. However, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands first before you administer the drops to lower the risk of infection.

Sleep a lot

Your eyes need time to recover. That means no reading or watching. Rest your eyes a lot you’ll be more than ready once the first few days are up. If you don’t, that could extend your healing and recovery times even longer.

Wear sunglasses

If you need to go outside, don’t forget to wear sunglasses. Your eyes could be extra sensitive to sunlight after the surgery. It is best to protect your eyes from strain or damage by wearing sunglasses.

Skip sports

If you swim regularly or engage in sports, you’ll need to refrain from these activities for a month. That should give your body enough time to recover. However, if you still don’t feel up to it, don’t force yourself because you will know when you’re ready. You could always consult with your doctor at the Lasik center.

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