Why Stem Cell Regenerative Joint Therapy Procedures Are Becoming So Popular

Over the course of your life, a lot of damage can occur within your joints. Being overweight or even just leading an active life can lead to various joint problems. There may come a time when your joints require medical attention to restore their proper pain free or near pain free function. Traditional joint repair surgeries are invasive and can require long recovery times. It is these factors that lead patients and medical professionals to seek alternatives to surgery. The following are some of the reasons stem cell regenerative joint therapy may be the better option.

A Quick Procedure

A big benefit of stem cell regenerative joint therapy is that it is a quick initial procedure. In fact, it traditionally is no more than a simple joint injection. With traditional joint repair surgeries, patients can require recovery for several days, weeks, or even months following surgery and for people who have jobs and a family, being out of commission is usualy just not an option. With stem cell regenerative joint therapy, you can get back in action in no time at all.

A Natural Way of Healing

The stems cells used in this procedure come directly from healthy donors. These stem cells are harvested from the umbilical cord of a live healthy birth baby, a product that is usually discarded as medical waste. The umbilical cord cells are processed under the strictest of regulatory conditions and can then be used as a natural, non-invasive treatment option for your painful joints. Because of more than 20 years of Worldwide umbilical cord stem cell research, you can be assured of a safe and comfortable experience.

Before you consider a more invasive surgical option, talk to an experienced medical professional about the benefits of stem cell regenerative joint therapy to determine if it’s the better choice for your needs.

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