Tract Homes: The Inexpensive Custom New Construction Home

To be a homeowner is the American dream, and many would prefer buying a new home over one that was previously lived in. The caveat is that new construction homes tend to be more expensive than older homes. But tract homes can be an exception.

This is what potential homeowners should know about tract housing when considering new construction homes in Jacksonville, FL.

What Exactly is a Tract Home?

Tract homes are new construction homes that have a similar style and floor plan to other houses in a development. Because the floor plans are essentially the same, though some may be reversed or differ just slightly, tract housing allows for volume building, and the builder can purchase labor contracts and materials at a lower rate than other traditional home building methods.

Tract Home Considerations

When considering the types of new construction homes in Jacksonville, FL, potential tract home buyers should keep in mind that although the floor plans may be very similar, owning a cookie-cutter home is not necessarily inevitable. There are many customization packages to choose from that will allow buyers to get exactly what they want.

Tract homes can meet the needs of many potential homebuyers looking for new construction homes in Jacksonville, FL. With floor plans and customization options that appeal to most buyers, tract homes can allow the homebuyer to live in a brand new home without necessarily breaking the bank.

With over 50 years of experience, North Florida Builders specializes in designing and remodeling/reconstruction to create dream homes. As a second-generation homebuilder, Jason White continues the family legacy of creating quality homes built specifically for each unique family. With long-term relationships with Jacksonville’s best trade partners, North Florida Builders provides the true custom home experience from planning and designing to the completion of a new home.

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