Transmission Replacement Vs. Transmission Rebuild

by | Apr 27, 2018 | Auto Service

If your transmission is broken and needs a heavy diagnosis, you may have several options presented to you. Based on how much of your transmission can be saved, you might be offered a rebuild rather than a full replacement. At this point, a lot of customers wonder which is better: replacement or rebuilding. In truth, there are valid reasons to pursue both, and each has its benefits in certain situations. The following list below can help you find out the differences between transmission replacement and transmission rebuild, and then you can decide which option works best for you in your situation.

Transmission Replacement

Sometimes, there is no hope for fixing your existing transmission. If this is the case, then a replacement may be the only option. It can be beneficial to replace your entire transmission, as it will guarantee that your car will start anew and you will likely have far less problems down the road.

However, in most cases, a transmission replacement is costlier than a transmission rebuild. This is because the process to replace the transmission is known as a re-manufacturing, since a lot of new parts will need to be ordered. Also, the new transmission will exist in a factory setting. While this is far from a bad thing, it should be kept in mind that you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Transmission Rebuild

A transmission rebuild is often a great solution to when you only need certain parts of your transmission fixed. The repair option is a little more flexible for customers in terms of affordability and functionality. A good transmission technician will seek to replace as little parts as possible, as to not rack up the cost of the service. They should understand exactly what parts should be replaced in order to make your transmission run more smoothly.

A rebuild can also give you better parts, helping to increase performance and give you some bonus features that the transmission may not have come with initially. A good technician will know that only the most worn-out features on your transmission need to be replaced one by one for it to function smoothly.

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