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Tree Removal in St. Paul, MN: How to Tell if a Tree is Dead in your Yard

While it is hard to call in tree removal in St Paul MN to take down a dead tree, it is even harder to take down a tree that you might think still has some life left in its branches. Although, the tree may have signs of life, such as green leaves on it’s branches does not mean that it isn’t already dead.

Some trees have been known to die slowly and since they die from the inside out, it can be hard to tell. Below you will find some tips for finding out if the tree in your yard is indeed flourishing or if you need to call in tree removal in St Paul MN to take it out for you.

Watch as the Seasons Change

You will want to watch the tree as the seasons change, examining the tree closely for signs of green bumps in the spring and new growth. You will want to examine the tree for signs of new leaves, fruit, and flowers as the seasons change around you.

Break off a Limb

You should break off a thin limb on the tree to see if it bends or just snaps in half. Living trees have green bendable branches. You will want to look inside of the limb to see if it is green and growing or dry and rotten looking.

Scratch the Bark of a Young Tree

If you scratch the bark of a young tree with your fingernail or a knife the under bark should be green and flourishing. The bark should be damp when you touch it, if it is instead dry and dead feeling, you will need to call in a tree removal service to take out the tree for you right away. Any tree removal service can help you to determine if your tree is indeed dead or dying.

These are just a few signs that you can look for when you think you have a dead tree in your yard. From scratching the bark of a young tree to breaking off a limb, you can be sure that you are not having a healthy tree removed with these tips.

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