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Types Of Apartment Pool Furniture Options

Types Of Apartment Pool Furniture Options

Although comfort is always an important consideration when selecting furniture, when picking out furniture used in public spaces, durability is also an important consideration. With many different types of people laying or sitting on the furniture at an apartment’s swimming pool, it has to be able to withstand different body weights and the frequent use it will endure. In addition, apartment pool furniture also needs to withstand exposure to the elements.

Types of Pool Furniture

Pool furniture is made from several different types of materials, but some of the most common materials are:

  • Resin
  • Fiber Mesh
  • Vinyl

All of these materials are suitable for commercial use because they are durable and easily kept clean.

Resin Pool Furniture

Out of all three types of furniture, the resin plastic pool furniture is probably the most durable, but it may be the least comfortable. The resin furniture is water resistant and it will stand up to any type of weather, including a hot scorching sun. Since it is UV resistant, resin furniture will not fade, nor does it need to be repainted, so it is virtually maintenance free. With these benefits, resin pool furniture would be a good economical choice for using at an apartment’s swimming pool.

Fiber Mesh Pool Furniture

Most sling-back pool furniture is made with a fiber mesh fabric, which holds up well to the elements. Fabric furniture is more comfortable to lay or sit on than resin. The fabric gives slightly, so residents will not be sitting or lying on a hard surface whenever they visit the pool. The weave of the furniture allows for it to be water resistant. Water will easily drain through the woven fabric so it will dry quickly and resist mildewing. In addition, it also holds up well against the sun’s UV radiation, so apartment pool furniture fabric doesn’t fade and begin to look old.

Vinyl Pool Furniture

Another material used to make apartment pool furniture is vinyl. The vinyl may be strapped around an aluminum frame, or the vinyl straps used on the furniture may be woven around the furniture frames. The straps are thin, yet strong, so it will hold up to various weights, and it is water resistant as well. The two patterns allow for water to drain through them, allowing the vinyl to dry quickly and not mildew. The vinyl also has some give to it, so it is more comfortable to sit or lay on to bask in the sun.

These furniture choices are good for commercial use because they will last longer and hold up to multiple people using them throughout the summer. Many pool furniture stores offer furniture packages that help save money as well.

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