Types of Welch Allyn Products

Welch Allyn, Inc. is an American company that produces patient monitoring equipment and medical products. Dr. Francis Welch and inventor William Noah Allyn formed Welch Allyn in Auburn, New York, in 1915. Together, they created the first hand-held, direct-illuminating ophthalmoscope and persuaded Allyn, a medical equipment salesperson, to join them. In 1953, the business relocated to Skaneateles Falls, where it is still based today. A $100 million contract to provide patient monitoring supplies to the US military was given to Welch Allyn in 2019.

CP 50 Resting Electrocardiograph

When it comes to Welch Allyn products the Welch Allyn ECG machine is one of the most well-known. It helps you give the best care to your patients at an affordable price. It is fast, easy to use, and has advanced connectivity features. You can get quick ECG readings by pressing a button and ensuring they are correct by following simple on-screen instructions. The CP 50 also has a range of advanced connectivity features.

CP 150 Resting Electrocardiograph

The Welch Allyn CP 150 Resting Electrocardiograph with optional spirometry combines the best traditional box ECG features such as full-size printouts and clinical decisions with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. It features a fast one-button operation and flexible connectivity options to keep your staff productive and your tests accurate. Spirometry is an optional feature that can be added to the Welch Allyn CP 150 Resting Electrocardiograph.

And if you choose to add the spirometry module, you may use the CP 150 to carry out not one but two different tests that are eligible for reimbursement. In the end, you’ll have one of the best Welch Allyn products that will help your facility save time, improve workflow, and manage patient information more efficiently.

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