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Unclogging Plumbing Fixtures

Unclogging Plumbing Fixtures

A home can have a plumbing problem at anytime of the year, and it is vital to call our residential plumbing services in Northbrook IL for assistance. While you can often remove a difficult toilet or sink clog on your own with a plastic-tipped plunger, if you try to use corrosive drain opening chemicals, then you risk damaging a home’s pipes or receiving a chemical burn. Our plumbers keep special devices on our company’s service vans so that we can use a plumber’s snake or rooter equipment to remove difficult frozen clogs.

Water Heater Repair

When you have a water heater that isn’t functioning, it is essential to have it repaired right away. Living without hot water is difficult, especially during the winter, but a knowledgeable plumber understands how to troubleshoot the problems with a water heater to determine if it has a defective thermostat or electrical wires. An older water heater with a leaking holding tank is not repairable, but a plumber can drain the device before installing a new energy-efficient water heater in your home.

Our Plumbers Can Install New Faucets

If a faucet is dripping water in your bathroom or kitchen, then you should have it repaired to avoid wasting water each day. While you might think that the installation of a faucet is easy, it is actually complex, but with professional residential plumbing services in Northbrook IL can have this job performed accurately. When you want a new faucet installed, you can also upgrade to fancier models that make it easier to fill large containers at the kitchen sink or to have automatic water drinking fountains in a bathroom. To learn more about the plumbing repairs and installations that we offer, contact BMW Plumbing Inc., at our website located at

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