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Understand Your Company Better with People Counter Software

Is your company doing well, but you do not know exactly what is leading to its success? Are you looking for a way to improve your customer service to ensure the satisfaction of your visitors? For a business owner to effectively identify how a company is operating, it is important to have access to the data required to better understand how the establishment is working. From knowing what age group frequents your business to the most shopped area, these statistics play a vital role in determining how to run your company. One way to effectively gather this information to help make well-informed business decisions is with hi-tech people counter software.

Type of Technology Available

  • Door counters used to monitor how many people enter the establishment.
  • Facial recognition software to help determine the gender and age of your customers.
  • Beacons that ping customers with promotional information when they pass your business.
  • Traffic counters that show what areas of your business that visitors enter.
  • People counter software that alerts you to how long visitors stay in a certain area.
  • Devices used to track services desks to define how efficiently staff is meeting customer’s needs.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

When you have access to the information required to understand how your company operates, you can improve the success of your business. A key aspect of this is providing the customer services that build loyalty with consumers that visit your establishment. CountWise is your resource for obtaining the software and tools required to accurately gather information about your business. This data can be used to determine what peak hours to have more staff on hand and where to have them placed in your establishment. In addition, this data can be used to create advertising campaigns to attract new customers to your company and how effective these strategies are.

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