Understanding the Trends Shaping Student Housing in Lubbock, Texas

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Student Housing Center

Student housing has drastically changed. For example, TTU off campus housing offers unique cottage communities. They also offer a great location close to the campus with a direct bus route. It is not surprising that TTU off campus housing is so unique because what college students are expecting for off-campus housing is drastically different than what was accepted in years past.

One of the biggest amenities sought by college students is privacy. The majority of freshmen that go to college have never shared a room. For this reason, when students go to college, they want to have the option to choose how they socialize, where they socialize, and with whom. Something else that is disappearing is the concept of communal bathrooms. More typical now is a spacious layout where multiple students may share an apartment with a bathroom.

Students want flexible, innovative common spaces. The goal of these common spaces is to encourage social engagement, help students build relationships, and help them make new connections. The end goal is to foster academic success.

Generation Z has grown up in an era where people constantly talk about civic responsibility and the importance of protecting the environment. When looking for off-campus housing, they want something representing their values. Cutting-edge green features and technology are very important. This includes green roofs, ECO-friendly designs, and energy-efficient appliances, including LED lighting.

Learn more about the exceptional opportunities for off-campus housing, and see how The Republic at Lubbock has created a unique cottage community designed with Texas Tech University students in mind when you visit the website https://republic-lubbock.com/.

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