Update Your Equipment with a Quality Screen Printing Machine

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Business

If you are in the screen printing business, you know that you need to keep your equipment up to date and running smoothly. Sometimes, you also have to change a part or two to ensure your machine stays running properly. If you do not keep an eye on your equipment, anything can go wrong with it and then you will no longer be able to make anything. This can be a headache to deal with, which is why it is important to pay attention to your equipment. When you need to purchase parts or a new machine, you should choose an online retailer that will be able to serve all your needs. An online retailer will be able to ensure all your needs are met for parts or equipment.

One Stop Shop

Nobody wants to have to look online for hours on end just to find that one certain part they need to get their screen printing machine to run like new again. Some online retailers carry parts, machines and supplies. When you check what items they offer with their online store and do not see the product you need, you can contact them and talk to a representative and sometimes, if it is not listed in their online store, they can still get the part or equipment that you need. That is why it is best to stick to one online retailer that carries everything for screen printing. You can also purchase squeegees, dyes, flash dryers, ink, racks, tape, screens, pallets, and presses.

Buying a New Press Machine

You have several options when you are in need of a new press machine. The type of machine you want, can vary on what your needs are. You can get a Magnum Press, Springer Press, shocker press and/or a kicker press. One company even offers several custom skateboard presses. The differences in each press can vary. Some of them are for a table top and some of them stand on the floor. This makes it easier for you to choose which type will work best for you and your needs. You should consider how much floor room you have, as well as how much table room you have. This allows you to decide which model type will be best for you. There are several variants in each of these models and a service representative would be happy to help you finding the best press or products you need.

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