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Design Tips for Invitation Printing in Chicago

Invitations are those cards that people send out to their valued guests. Without these cards, people do not know the full details of a special event or whether they are even invited. For the best results, you want to get invitation printing done at the professional level. There are many ways that people can create attractive designs for their invitations.

Simple Designs

If you are someone who does not like surprises, create simple designs for your invitations. Browse through collections of basic, standard card designs that are provided on company websites.
With the simple style, you do not want to attract too much attention. Choose soft colors that are not too bright and vibrant. Decide to have the fonts in small sizes, and choose a minimum number of images for the front and back.

Elaborate Designs

In contrast, elaborately designed invitations are supposed to attract attention. The headings are large and bold with creative fonts that make up the words. On some cards, there are intricate patterns and borders that adorn the text. Nowadays, most professional printers are able to create the most elaborate, eye-catching card designs.


You need personalized designs to lay some claim on your invitations. You must let people know who sent the card and whom it was sent for. It is popular to see names engraved on cards nowadays. Engrave the names in plain or cursive font and in the colors you want.

If you know your invitee personally, include other details besides an engraved name. Include this person’s favorite quote from a poem or song, which are words that are guaranteed to make the card stand out.


Invitation printing includes the easy option to add images on the front, back or middle section. Add personal photos of the couple if you are sending invites for a wedding. Add computer graphic images of baby-related items if you are inviting someone to a baby shower. In any case, you are encouraged to use as much imagery as you can. Make sure that the cards are made to be viewed upfront and from a long distance.

You need good invitations to promote good personal and professional relationships. It is good manners to send out cards that invite people to special events. Most people like receiving these inviting cards in the mail, especially if the designs are attractive and appealing to the eye. However, the more cards you need, the more likely you need professional printing services because a small home printer cannot handle all of the work. To print dozens of cards at once, you need services for invitation printing in Chicago. Find local providers who know how important it is to get invitations done right.

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