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Renting Storage in Durham

In the case of a quick home sale, you may need to consider temporary storage. Durham moving professionals recommend that you ask yourself these five questions before you choose a solution. May through September is always the busiest time of the year for moving companies, but thanks to the recent housing market up tick, it’s quickly becoming the busiest time of the year for storage, as well.

Are You Moving Appliances?
Appliances are not only heavy and cumbersome, but they can be tricky to move, especially gas appliances, which need to be properly disconnected and later reconnected. That requires turning off the gas valve and then properly sealing the valve to prevent leaks. It’s not something a novice can learn to do by watching a YouTube video, which is why most professional moving companies have contracts with third-party experts to disconnect and reconnect all appliances.

Will Fine Art Go Into the Unit?
If you have art or other collectibles, they may require a storage area that’s both temperature and humidity controlled. It’s important to talk to your storage provider about the unit and how your possessions will be stored. Many companies have temperature-controlled storage options. For example, of the 30,000-square-feet of storage at our company, about 25 percent of the units are temperature controlled.

Is Temperature a Factor?
Keep in mind that temperature controlled does not mean humidity controlled. If humidity is a concern, as it is with some artwork and antiques, then it’s best to consider special storage for those items. Most moving and storage companies partner with third-party vendors, who can provide very specialized storage to ensure fine art and other items are in a proper environment. When you discuss possessions, you’ll need to move and store with the moving company.

Do You Have Lawn Equipment?
Lawn mowers, chain saws and other pieces of fuel-powered lawn equipment all need to be emptied of gas and oil before they are moved or stored. Professional movers will require you to drain all the fuel before they move the equipment. If you’re moving the equipment yourself, make sure you drain everything before loading it into your truck and into the storage locker.

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