Upgrade Your Side Hustle to a “Real Business” With a Virtual Office

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Business

When you start earning casual income, you might not think of your new venture as a full-fledged business. But if you succeed at turning your side project into a sustainable career, it becomes less practical to use your home address for professional communications. Having a virtual office address in Chicago where you can receive mail, faxes, or phone calls gives your business more legitimacy while keeping your personal details private.

A brick-and-mortar operation isn’t necessary for everyone. Not only are online stores easy to start with minimal funds or experience, but the high cost of leasing a physical space is too burdensome for many freelancers. Getting a virtual office address in Chicago is a cost-efficient alternative for business owners who don’t meet with clients or customers in person on a regular basis. Think about your main reasons for needing a business address.

  • Do you have a growing client list and want to avoid sharing your home address with loads of people?
  • Do you need a professional image to help you compete with more established businesses?
  • Do you need faster mail processing to speed up your online order turnaround?
  • Do you frequently travel and need a reliable, centralized way to receive all your business communications?

Virtual office service providers understand that small-business owners value flexible, scalable solutions. For example, online sellers might need a phone number to handle customer support calls and a mailbox to accept returns. Freelance consultants who travel may want their mail scanned so they can stay on top of urgent correspondence.

It’s also common for a startup to evolve as you explore new business opportunities and work to pinpoint a profitable niche. Instead of paying a fixed price for an office or retail space you rarely use, you can add or remove services at a pace that fits your budget and business goals.

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